Monday, June 27, 2011

It's Alive! Alive!! Well, almost...

We have been very busy these past few days, tiling, painting, and generally putting on the finishing touches to bring you the greatest experience possible in coffee and baked good deliciousness! A few of the highlights; Brent Hanson, plumber extraordinaire, got our water all in order and the chrome shines like the sun in the new lights thanks to Rachel's discerning eye and the hard work of Laker Electric. Kurt Fast was true to his last name as he finished our trim around the ceiling. Almost all of the equipment (especially the heavy stuff), is in place thanks to our friends at Nickel Construction, and of course the indispensable help of the Bucklins. A special shout out to Melia and Katie, you lovely ladies are the best! We have heard the cries of the people, and we will be open at least one night a week, Friday initially, and maybe more in the future, if you, the people, want it. We will also be available for groups of over 8, for functions and special occasions. If you have anything else we should be thinking about let us know, we're not the psychics we once were, so leave us a comment, email, facebook post, whatever works for you. See you in a few!!!


  1. Looks awesome! Can't wait to come see it in person...and open!

  2. Looks totally awesome. Congrats!