Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Let the Training Montage Begin!!! We need some peppy 80's music...

You know, it really isn't as easy as you would think to make fancy coffee drinks!? Luckily we have had some great help in that department recently, Laurie Hendstadt has been exceedingly patient while taking us through our arduous training regimen; Two double shot lattes a night!! Don't worry though, our milk steaming will be perfected and everything will taste fantastically well, thanks to the hard work before. Luckily Laurie is right next door to us with her friend Jessie Mae who does beautiful work in flowers and candy; two very sweet things for Sweet Fields fans! She and Rachel will be working together on a wedding soon, so check her out if you're in the area and need some flowers to go with your cake! Yesterday; scrubbed floors on our hands and knees, painted, and today we built a table! Everything is coming along smoothly and we look forward to seeing you soon!!!

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